French For Children


Sabine Maher decided to set up ‘French for Children’ as to meet the need of a French teaching centre locally in Dublin 15.

French for Children has been operated successfully since February 2009 in Dublin 15. It serves mainly the areas of Castleknock, Clonsilla and Blanchardstown.  However, any children from Dublin 15, Dublin or surrounding counties are more than welcome to enrol and attend classes. See the location page for more information about French for Children French centres.

Sabine Maher was born in France in a region close to Italy and Switzerland. She speaks French and has studied Italian, German, Latin and she is trying to learn Irish. Sabine has lived in Ireland for the past 18 years with her Dublin husband and four children.

She is third-level qualified in France (Rouen University), Italy and England (Oxford Brookes University). She has recently graduated with distinction from Rouen University with a Master's Degree in Linguistic Science and Teaching French as a Foreign Language.

Sabine Maher followed training on child psychology and class management and is Garda vetted.